Parents Are Special Too

Today I attended an awards ceremony for my kids. They received A,  A/B honor roll certificates, and one received the Christian Character Award.  I am very proud of them. All of their hard work has really paid off. However as they both walked up to the stage to be rewarded for their accomplishments I had a selfish moment. It’s not one that I am proud of but to be honest I think we all have them as a parent. While I am happy for them; I began to look around at all the parents sitting in the church sanctuary and thought where was our recognition.

I have no doubt that the road to this moment was filled with lots of compromises such as time, lack of sleep, pep talks and many frustrated nights just doing homework.  I am sure there were many tedious trips to Walmart to pick up just the right supplies for school projects and assignments..

I know some of your are probably thinking well that’s our job as a parent. “It comes with the territory”. You are also probably thinking that they are our recognition. You my friends are absolutely correct. However just because we are parents doesn’t mean that we do not like to feel appreciated. It does not mean that because it is our job that we would not like to receive a pat on the back or a good job mom, dad from time to time. Wouldn’t it be great to be rewarded for our time, patience, overfilled schedules and committed efforts that are put forth into helping them do their  best.

My fellow readers we are living in a world where so many teachers and kids alike have little to no support from parents.I am not saying that this is intentional because sometimes it cant be helped; as some are put into situations beyond their control. Nevertheless when you get the type of parents listed below

  • parents who are committed to the success of their children
  • parents who make sure that their children are fully prepared for the school day
  • parents who work with the school to make sure that their kids are contributing to a safe bully free environment
  • parents who teach their kids self respect, respect for their peers and respect for authority
  • parents who make sure that their kids are adhering to the rules

They are the parents that should be recognized for their good work. So to all my fellow readers out there that are holding it down as a parent and you’re on the job 24/7. I commend you on your good work!  Today is Parent Appreciation Day! on Chronicles of a Gen X Mom from me to you. I give you a

Parent Recognition Award

A-For effort

A- For Time

          A-For Persistence

        A-For Motivation

Enjoy your accomplishments!

Until next time…Live, Love, Laugh

Lady Allen


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