Ten is Still Ten

The Wonder Years

Sometimes I feel as if my kids are speed walking through life on autopilot. It seems that they are missing out on key moments in each phase of development. Almost like advertising, when you walk into the store and see Christmas decorations, then two weeks later they’re already making room for New Year’s and Valentine’s Day decor. The same is so with our kids, before they can finish one stage of their life they are rushing to the next.

I say that to say this…Today marked a very important milestone in my son’s life. He turned 10 years old, so he is officially a pre-teen. Honestly I don’t know what scares me the most the fact that he is a pre-teen or that he just stepped into the pre-adolescent years. Boy was I not prepared for this! It just seems like yesterday when I was sitting in the hospital bed holding him up to my chest telling him that it was me and him against the world. So when I looked at him this morning and it dawned on me that he was growing up, I felt many emotions at one time. Where was I when this happened.

In today’s society it seems ten is the new twelve and twelve is the new fourteen. I say this because of the marketing strategies. According to society 10-12 are considered the tween years. However there is really no market for the 10-12 year old they kind of get shuffled in with the younger teen stuff. It’s almost as if creating this new age group caused our kids to lose part of their childhood. Something like this does not go over well with an old school mom like me

You see when I raised my daughters it was a different world then what we live in now. Kids were still kids at 10 years old. The new age group tweens did not exist. They still played with dolls, rode bikes, and played in the creek.  Most of all they still needed and wanted me around.

So I have come to the conclusion that the kids have not changed. Ten is still ten and they still need us now more than ever.

In some cases it’s the parents that have changed by succumbing to the pressures of society. See it is our job as parents to cover and protect our kids. We are to set the tone for what is right and acceptable. Lets preserve The Wonder Years for our kids as long as possible. So beware of those crafty designed labels and strategic marketing adds, orchestrated to push our kids into the next stage of life before they are ready.

I will not allow it. I think I owe it to my kids to allow them the same childhood that I had. Jumping rope, playing red light green light and catching fireflies after dark. These are the things that shape their character and gently prepare them for their next phase in life.

Until next time…Live, Love Laugh


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