Paging Lady Allen

Rediscovering Me

Our True Identity is Who We Are Without Labels

How many of you take the time to stop and smell the roses instead of sprinting past them. That would be me the sprinter. I am constantly sprinting  past all the good things in life. It has gotten to the point that my theme in life has become drum roll please… I DON’T HAVE TIME! How many of you have adopted this same theme so much so that you don’t have time to enjoy the simple things in life? I have discovered that since I became a wife and mother I’ve lost myself. Lady Allen has slowly faded over time in the background,my roles in life have consumed me, wife, mom and employee. I guess you could say that I am going through an Identity Crisis.

Black Wonder Woman | Ready for a Movie with Black Wonder Woman? « MadameNoire | Black ...:

“My family thinks I’m Wonder Woman”

I really feel that Identity Crisis is a common thing among new wives and  new mothers because in our mission to be the best at both roles we become consumed in them. Thus the roles become our main focus. As we strive to please our husbands and kids we began to self sacrifice by giving so much of ourselves to them. I don’t think we really realize it at first because of the fulfillment it gives us in pleasing them. Until we look around one day and don’t see ourselves but only shells of who we use to be.

You see anything that you neglect over time will become unkempt. It’s like a rose you won’t notice it if you miss one or two days without watering it. However if you continue to neglect it over time it will wither up and die.

I am neither a new wife or new mother but in my attempt to excel at both roles I have forgotten to take care of me. The words I DON’T HAVE TIME! have slid off my lips more times than I can remember, when it came to things that I needed to do for me. Therefore allowing myself to become withered and unkempt. THIS STOPS NOW!

Behold I do a new thing and now it shall come forth! I will take time to smell the roses. So when my I get home tonight after putting my kids to bed I’m going to make a cup of tea sit in front of the fireplace and relax. Let’s vow to take at least 30 minute a day to stop and smell the roses. Smelling the roses for you could mean reading a book, taking a brisk walk, meditating. This has to be something you do just for you.So when my husband comes in and says Bae can you iron this shirt for me. My answer will be not right now, maybe later because I am smelling the roses. I promise you they won’t die if you make them wait, neither will the house fall apart. It’s okay to spin out of your Wonder Woman clothes and become Diana Prince or for me Lady Allen. The spin works both ways. You’ll just be a more happier you. My new theme for the rest of the year thru next year is drum roll please… All THINGS NEW ! In my quest to do ALL THINGS NEW! my first agenda item will be REDISCOVERING ME!  Mind Body and Soul. I may use it as a screensaver at work for a daily reminder to myself.

For the moms and wives out there who feel like you have began to wither away to a shell of your former selves join me in my quest to Rediscover Me. If you feel as if you are in Identity Crisis Mode,then reconnect and rediscover who you are, what makes you you apart from your roles in life. We are not defined by our roles in life but we are unique individuals with our own needs and desires.

Make a commitment to yourself to start enjoying life to the fullest. It is too short you don’t want to look around and realized you have wasted it. So my fellow readers I leave you with this. We should enjoy life as much as possible because we are only here but for a moment. The bible tells us to eat drink and be merry.

ECC 8:15 NIV

So I commend the enjoyment of life, because there is nothing better for a person under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany them in their toil all the days of the life God has given them under the sun.

Until next time… Live, Love, Laugh!

Lady Allen


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