Some call me grandma and some call me mom

Which One Are You?

Yes that’s me “I am both”,The Gen X Mom with many hats. It’s the toggling back and forth that makes me insane . Nevertheless I am learning to find balance in the mist of it all.

When I became pregnant again at 36 I was both shocked and excited. “How did this happen” I thought but of course we all know how it happened. I just assumed that I was done. Plus we had a 13, 16 and 19-year-old in the house at the time. In our minds eye we were already on the road to freedom. They no longer needed our attention every minute, of every hour.

The hubby and I had already started mentally planning a Caribbean Cruise, Dinner Parties and Barbecues in the backyard around the fire pit. His King of The Grill and My Kiss the Cook Aprons were already in my Amazon cart waiting for checkout. However even in the midst of our delayed gratification of a Caribbean Cruise, Parties, etc… We were both excited. We considered it as a second chance to become better parents.

So here were mom and dad again after a 13 year gap. It was smooth sailing for a while. We were still able to live, love and enjoy life to the fullest. After all we still had teenagers at home; in-house baby-sitters or so we thought. Which made the occasional date night possible.

It was not long after we began to settle into our new life with a toddler when we had another surprise. Three years later we became parents again and grandparents in the same year. By this time I was supposedly going through early menopause according to my estrogen levels. Don’t believe the hype “It’s A Myth.” Wow talk about a double whammy.  I was still in my prime and the word grandma was not even on my radar.

Nevertheless I embraced my roles with the grace and integrity that is befitting to a woman of strength and character. In all honesty it was hard at first. While I strived and wanted to be the best mom that I could be; I also wanted to be the best grandma. This would require some compromising on all of our parts. I couldn’t expect my kids to babysit for me as often because they had their own family. Neither could they expect me to be available to them as much because I still had little ones in the house. So we came to a happy medium.

Since then there have been lots of surprises, marriages, more grandchildren 6 to be exact. No more for me and the hubby though LOL. We are officially done. As the boys get older we are able to settle more into our roles as grandparents. So once again the King of the Grill and My Kiss the Cook Aprons along with our new item “What Happens at Grandma and Grandpa’s House stays at Grandma and Grandpa’s House” has made it to my Amazon cart. I think it safe to checkout now.

PS: Grandpa has also been known to throw a great barbecue, still planning for the cruise… baby steps LOL

Until next time…Live, Love, Laugh!
Lady Allen


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