Keeping The Miracle of Christmas Alive

“Do This In Remembrance of Him”

Matthew 2:11 On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped Him. Then they opened their treasures and presented Him with gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh.

My son asked me the other day was Santa Clause real and without hesitation I told him no. I felt it was time he knew the truth. Both boys were present when we began to have a conversation about Santa Clause the Myth and where it came from. I think my boys stopped believing in Santa Clause way before I told them the truth. It was never my desire to instill this belief in them. My husband wanted to keep the magic of Christmas alive by giving them something to believe in. Have I always felt this way? The answer is no; with my girls I just wanted them to have a great Christmas. So I was the single mom spending money that I didn’t have, breaking the bank and putting on layaways to pay for Christmas. It’s what my grandmother and mom did, so I followed suit. I just bypassed the Santa Clause Myth because I refused to give a Jolly Old Elf in a red suit credit for my hard work. Christmas back then was about creating magic and a fantasy to make it exciting for my kids. Yes we discussed Christ; God’s awesome gift to the world but commercialism always seemed to over shadow him. Not Anymore!

As I grew in my faith and began to dissect God’s word the true meaning became clearer. I like to refer to it as The Christmas Miracle because it started with a miracle an Immaculate Conception. Christmas is not about Santa Clause or the gifts. It’s about the story of Christ; God’s Awesome Gift to the world and how the 3 wise men showed love to him during his birth when his family needed it the most. It’s about creating traditions with family, special moments, and memories that will always be there. Those precious gifts will be around long after the pretty wrapping paper is gone and the toys are destroyed and in the trash.

You see the story of Easter is just as special to me as Christmas. Jesus birth, death and resurrection reflected in 2 holidays. During Easter we celebrate by remembering the great sacrifice that Christ made for us in his death. We take communion, as the bible says to do this in remembrance of me (Luke 22:19) and so should it be for Christmas.  

As we approach the holiday season and we began to shop for gifts for family and friends let us prayerfully seek God in ways we can bless others. The Miracle of Christmas is still here, No Santa Clause is not real; he may have been at some point. Then if that’s the case it started with a man who had a heart to give. That’s what made Christmas a miracle the spirit of giving.

The Christmas Miracle does not have to die with Santa Clause. Instill a new reason for your kids to believe. As my family begins to approach the holidays without Santa we will use Gods word and the myth of Santa Clause to keep the Miracle alive. I’m letting my boys have some say about our Holiday Agenda this year. It will be awesome to see what they come up.

You can be that Jolly Old Elf or one of the 3 Wise Men; give a gift of love that will bring a smile to a child’s face or tears of joy to a struggling single mom, or families face. I was that single mother many years ago before I met my husband and had my sons; looking and praying for a Christmas Miracle. It has to start with someone. God has to have a vessel he can use. If you do this you will create a tradition that will last a lifetime and restore someone’s hope in God and Miracles. This is the greatest gift you can give our savior on his birthday.

Let us follow the example of the 3 Wise Men: “Do This in Remembrance of Him”

Until Next Time… Live, Love, Laugh

Lady Allen



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